It’s only temporary.

My spouse and I are sharing a one-room apartment. But it’s only temporary.

Our kitchen has no stove. But it’s only temporary.

It’s been chilly and cloudy almost every day. All day. In southern California. I’m told it’s called “June Gloom” and that it’s just temporary.

I don’t have a job. But that’s just temporary.

For a short time I didn’t have health insurance, but that was only temporary.

I’m sick to my stomach almost every day. But I’m told it’s only temporary.

I’ve been too exhausted to work out or go to a yoga class lately. But hopefully it’s only temporary.

I literally have two heartbeats inside of me. But that will just be temporary, too.


Everything in life is temporary. But that’s where the joy comes from! If nothing ever changed, we wouldn’t have goals, motivation or appreciation.

Years ago, I was going through a particularly rough time and a friend gave me the following quote that has stuck with me ever since:


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